Arctic, Snow and Housing

Today some book recommendations in regard to the Arctic. A more general theme is a book named Arctic, which was published beside a major exhibition from the Lousiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark 2013). A number of artists and their contribution of art works with impressions of the arctic are collected. But it also summarises the history as short reports in collaboration with geologists, historians, archaeologists and glaciologists.

Snow. The phenomenon of snow in the Arctic and its physics can be read in a more technical way of the  Handbook of Snow by D.M. Gray and D.H. Male. The combined collection of scientific papers gives is a good reference book about snow in a wider perspective. The collection book is separated in four main parts: snow and the environment, snowfall and snow cover, snow and engineering, snow and recreation. If you always have been fascinated by the snow phenomenon that book is a ´must have`.

Blok P a residential block house built 1966 in Nuuk was the biggest housing project in Greenland at that time and a symbol of a new ´modern`building type. Blok P – en Boligblok i Nuuk, 1966-2012, is a documentation of the house and of its inhabitants. The house was considered as an architectural disaster and was demolished in 2012. But in fact, the house had a history and many stories to tell about the inhabitants and their relation of living in the community in Blok P. The project of Martin Hilker and Rikke Diemer shows a sensitive photo documentation of the history of Blok P.